Every month, you pay premiums for auto insurance that's to protect not only your vehicle but also your financial well-being. Do you know what your auto insurance will cover? Have you taken advantage of every option available? Here, you'll find a few add-ons to consider including in your auto insurance policy protection.

Towing Coverage

A lot of auto insurance policies have the option of adding towing coverage. This coverage is used to help you when your car breaks down and you need to have it towed to a shop. The tow can be from your own driveway or from any other location. For just a few dollars more per month, you could avoid a tow bill of a hundred dollars or more. If your car is getting older or has problems, this is a protection to consider adding to the policy.

As you read through the towing policies, make sure that you understand how it works. Some policies require you to pay the bill for the tow up front and then get reimbursed at a later date — others will require you to do nothing more than show your insurance card and ID.

Car Rental Coverage                                   

Car rental coverage on your auto insurance policy isn't there to protect you when you rent a car — it's so that you can get a car rental if you were to be in an accident that leaves your car out of commission. This way, instead of having to find rides to work, school and around town, you'll be able to go and pick up a rental car and have it covered at no cost to you.

Read the policy coverage. Some policies will cover a portion of the rental for a certain number of days — others will provide you coverage for as long as it takes for the shop to get your car fixed or until your car can be replaced.

Zero Comprehensive Deductible

Lowering the deductible on your comprehensive coverage can help you if your windshield gets damaged, you hit a deer, your car gets vandalized and so on. Instead of having to shell out money to get these repairs made, adding a zero deductible to your comprehensive coverage for a few dollars more a month will eliminate that concern.

Talk with your auto insurance agent to learn more about adding more protections to your auto insurance policy. You pay for it — make sure it will pay for the damages and help you when you need it most.